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Registered: ‎10-17-2016

Map Enterprise Desktop workflow function setFeaturesInvisible is not working




I  have created a workflow in the desktop of mapp Enterprise. In that workflow I call   a function using a formaction

<FormAction name="Test3" label="Test3" action="SCRIPT[SC.Map.setFeaturesInvisible('Percelen')]"  />

The layer name exist  as vector data:


However nothing happens also not when i call it in a custom javascript. Other SC.Map functions like  SC.Map.fitSelectedElements() do work. 


In the log file i noticed the following messsage:


SC.Map.setFeaturesInvisible is not a function. (In 'SC.Map.setFeaturesInvisible('Percelen')', 'SC.Map.setFeaturesInvisible' is undefined)


I tried also IG.Map.setFeaturesInvisible('Percelen') but that call does not work either.  Any one suggestions? Is there a list which SC.Map funtions I can use?






Posts: 600
Registered: ‎11-12-2015

Re: Map Enterprise Desktop workflow function setFeaturesInvisible is not working

Hi Tjip,


The correct method/function here is setLayersInvisible(layers)

eg. SC.Map.setLayersInvisible(layers)


You can find the various methods discussed here



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