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Mobile: Error in geometry

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Hey everyone,


On my mobile application I am not able to map the geometry.

As soon as I add the geometry-field to the Shell.xaml, 

<Field Name="linie_spa" Type="geometry" />


I receive an internal server error.



FYI: As you can see in the Screenshot, the coulumn linie_spa is indeed the geometry.



Thanks for your inputs and regards,


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Re: Mobile: Error in geometry

Looks to me that you geometry field is undefined as for the geometry type, does it have a geom type and srid? in y case for example the geom will show as 'geometry(Point,3857)' thats a point geometry with coordinates in srid 3857

Posts: 90
Registered: ‎11-29-2015

Re: Mobile: Error in geometry

Thank you! 

I though id only have LineStrings in the dataset. Now that I have checked the data type, I have found some CompoundedCurves that are not supported yet.

Removing them from the table allows adding the geometry.


Must the data be stored in CRS 3857 to map it in the mobile app or can local coordinate systems be used?


Thanks and regards,


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Re: Mobile: Error in geometry

[ Edited ]

Local coordinate systems can be used.


If your geometry SRID doesn't match the coordinate system specified in the data source, you can set a different SRID via EpsgCode attribute:


<Field Name="linie_spa" Type="geometry" EpsgCode="" />




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