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Posts: 56
Registered: ‎10-10-2015

Mobile Imagery performance

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I am using an image from M.App Enterprise, I used the M.App Enterprise - Mobile Documentation 


Using a M.App Enterprise "Imagery" WMTS tile source



  <UrlTileOverlay Id="wmts" TileWidth="256" TileHeight="256" MinimumZoomLevel="0" MaximumZoomLevel="20"
                  Url="https://<yourserver>/erdas-iws/ogc/wmts/<tenant>?SERVICE=WMTS&amp;REQUEST=GetTile&amp;VERSION=1.0.0&amp;LAYER=<layername>&amp;STYLE=default&amp;FORMAT=image/jpeg&amp;TILEMATRIXSET=OGC:1.0:GoogleMapsCompatible&amp;TILEMATRIX={z}&amp;TILEROW={y}&amp;TILECOL={x}" />



After some test my UrlTileOverlay is this


<UrlTileOverlay Id="Centro_imagen" TileWidth="256" TileHeight="256" MinimumZoomLevel="0" MaximumZoomLevel="30"
                  Url="https://<server>/erdas-iws/ogc/wmts/<Tenant>?SERVICE=WMTS&amp;REQUEST=GetTile&amp;VERSION=1.0.0&amp;LAYER=centro.ecw&amp;STYLE=default&amp;FORMAT=image/jpeg&amp;TILEMATRIXSET=OGC:1.0:GoogleMapsCompatible&amp;TILEMATRIX={z}&amp;TILEROW={y}&amp;TILECOL={x}" />

The image display in Mobile App is very slow, I testing in Android and iOS, and the tile matrix (OGC:1.0:GoogleMapsCompatible) only have from 0 to 18, It is not possible to see the detail of the image.


Are there any other URLs that I can use to test the Mobile App of M.App Enterprise?

Posts: 56
Registered: ‎10-10-2015

Re: Mobile Imagery performance

After some testing, the best UrlTileOverlay for me is


<UrlTileOverlay Id="wms" TileWidth="256" TileHeight="256" MinimumZoomLevel="0" MaximumZoomLevel="30"
                  Url="https://<servername>/erdas-iws/ogc/wms/<Tenant>?service=WMS&amp;request=GetMap&amp;version=1.3.0&amp;format=image/png8&amp;crs=EPSG:3857&amp;width={width}&amp;height={height}&amp;layers=centro.ecw&amp;bbox={bbox}&amp;transparent=true&amp;styles=" />

Maybe someone else has more options.

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