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Online files in feature analyzer

Dear community,


I got a question concerning the Online Files in the feature analyzer:


I’m not sure if I can import all random GeoJSON Files, which are available on OpenSource websites (via link) or if these files need some certain specifications to display the data in Smart Mapp Feature Analyzer.


In the tutorial videos, it looks like that these files are stored in a cloud (maybe M.app Chest?) or on a web server --> Is that necessary?


Maybe somebody can provide me a link to a opensource GeoJson file, to check if it works and how the file is “built-on” (If it is possible at all).


Thanks a lot!



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Re: Online files in feature analyzer

[ Edited ]

For feature display in an Analyzer View the online file .json should be a valid geojson file.

There are many geojson validators/previewers out there (Google is your friend), but here is an example of one




If you have a link to an online geojson file you can download and test that in a validator



There are many open datasets available that have downloadable geojson files


City of Edmonton for example has an extenisve catalogue here and many are available as geojson export/downloads (you can download and validate one to see file structure example)

In these cases of course, once downloaded you will need to serve .json through an IIS virtual directory on a webserver to make them 'online' and available for use as an 'online file' in Analyzer View.



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Re: Online files in feature analyzer

I've downloaded GeoJSON from the website you suggested and make it 'online' in the server. But when I try to add to the Analyzer View, it gave me this error, " There was an error reading the input feature data".


Where can I check what went wrong? Please help.



Posts: 609
Registered: ‎11-12-2015

Re: Online files in feature analyzer

Make sure to validate the GeoJSON first using a known validator (Google is your friend). There could be log information in the M.App Enterprise Studio and it should be checked for more information.


The resources previously provided in this thread are general examples from third parties for information purposes to answer the original post. If there is specific issue with Feature Analyzer using a valid online GeoJSON file it should be reported using a support ticket for effective investigation.

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Re: Online files in feature analyzer

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I think I've seen that error before. Are you sure you are on a secure protocol? since enterprise is using https there is a standard security restriction to get mixed content so the json file must come from https

Hope It helps

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