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Registered: ‎11-02-2015

Update M.App Enterprise to 2018 and PostgrSQL/PostGIS

Hi guys,


after spending some time (together with Stefan) to find the reason for problems during/after the upgrade I though it is a good idea toshare my experience with you:


During the upgrade existing tenant databases will be upgraded to a new database scheme. The tenants DBs used in 2016 or earlier have been simple DB without the PostGIS extension enabled. With 2018 all tenant DBs must be spatial enabled since the mobile component is storing boundary geometries in the DB. So during the update the PostGIS extension will be enabled for all exisiting tenant DBs.


Unfortunately, this will only work if you use a DB administrator (e.g. postgres) in the tenant DB connection string. I have been using a normal user (with fully rights on the tenant DB). Even if this is the owner of the DB he has no rights to enable extensions.


So, I have changed the connection string replacing the "normal user" with "postgres". Then I re-launched the installer with the modify option. After the reconfiguration the DB-schema of all existing tenants has been updated successfully. You should find 69 instead of 55 tables in the tenant DB.




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Re: Update M.App Enterprise to 2018 and PostgrSQL/PostGIS

Thanks for sharing Fritz!

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