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AREA Example (Functional Attributes)

by Technical Evangelist ‎07-18-2017 01:17 AM - edited ‎07-18-2017 01:30 AM (552 Views)

Code Example


Format: AREA(Geometry,MeasType,AreaUnit)

AREA is used to calculate the area of an area and valid area compound geometries.

This example calculates the number of acres of the feature where Geometry1 is the name of the geometry column.


Note: MeasType and AreaUnit can be selected from the category Constants. The MeasType is always either TrueMeas or ProjectedMeas.

by Dd
‎10-28-2018 07:52 PM - edited ‎10-28-2018 08:08 PM



Can anybody provide example value for Input.Geometry1? And how to use it in POrtal SDK?