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Alternate Coordinate System for Precision Coordinates

by on ‎03-16-2016 09:41 AM (552 Views)


This command defines a coordinate system that is different from the GeoWorkspace coordinate system and then establishes a transformation path between the two coordinate systems.  This path is named such that the Precision Coordinates control detects its availability and allows the alternate coordinate system to be used by the control.



  1. Download and build the solution.
  2. Install the command into GeoMedia using InstallAppCmd (see example in .\bin\Register.bat)
  3. When the command is selected the tabbed coordinate system definition dialog displays with the title "Define Alternate Coordinate System".  Note that the Storage Space tab is not displayed because it does not apply to alternate coordinate system readouts and key-ins.
  4. After dismissing the dialog with "OK" note that the Coordinate display and entry options pulldown menu on the Precision Coordinates control now contains the option "Use alternate coordinate system".  Checking that option causes the control to use the alternate coordinate system that you just defined with this command.


Download links

C# for GeoMedia 2016:  HGDN_GEOMEDIA / Cmd_DefAltCSforPrecCoord_2016CS

VB.NET for GeoMedia 2016:  HGDN_GEOMEDIA / Cmd_DefAltCSforPrecCoord_2016VB