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Application Function DLL Application Function DLL statisticsCompute

by Technical Evangelist on ‎09-10-2015 09:23 AM - edited on ‎03-29-2016 11:21 AM by Anonymous (378 Views)

Example Type

Application Function DLL




The function reads stastics information from an image. It is designed get minimum, maximum, mean, median, mode and standard deviation. It adds all of these to a stringlist which can be returned to an EML.





 (C source code)



(EML source code)



 (Visual C++ Project)(Windows Only)





Calling syntax:



Input Parameters: filename

Input Parameters: Skip Factor, which will determine the actural sample size. If you set it to 1, statistics will be computed from all pixels.   

Sample width = (layerwidth / skipx) ;

Sample height = (layerheight / skipy) ;


Return Values: This program returns a stringlist containing the statistics for the first layer in the specified image.







EML interface






C program will generate a Application Functions DLL (Called statisticsCompute.dll in your \usr

can return values to an EML interface via an estr_StringList.




This ApplicationFunctions DLL is loaded when ERDAS IMAGINE is started.  It provides functions that are available to every EML script.

Important Note: Be aware of the order in which you add things to the stringlist. When EML receives a string list with the first value numeric then it will take all all the elements to be numbers and it won't show any characters. If the first is a character then it will take everything to be a character and it will return everything even numbers. You won't be able to perform arithmetic on those numbers since they will actually be characters.



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