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Application Function DLL imageGetGeoreferencing

by Technical Evangelist on ‎09-10-2015 09:28 AM - edited on ‎03-29-2016 11:22 AM by Anonymous (1,282 Views)

Example Type

Application Function DLL




This example shows how to return georeferencing and geocoding information from an image.





 (C source code)



(EML source code)



 (Visual C++ Project)(Windows Only)




The imageGetGeoreferencing example is intended to retrieve the georeferencing and geocoding information from an image and display this in the appropriate fields in the EML. This will show how to call a function from an EML that get processed in the Application Function DLL and then returns the information back to the EML.

All the information that we need is embedded within these two main structures. Eprj_MapProjection and Eprj_MapInfo. The structure members are then added to a string list (Estr_StringList) that is returned to the EML interface as an array of strings.



Application Function Arguments












Be careful of the order in which you add strings to the string list to be returned. If the first element of a string list is numeric, the EML will interpret all elements of the string list to be a numeric array. This will effectively discard any strings. If you have a mixed string list that contains character strings and "number" strings, make sure that the first element is a character string, allowing the EML to interpret everything as being characters. This will return all values, but you will not be able to perform arithmetic on the returned values



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