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Application imageViewProjected

by Technical Evangelist on ‎09-09-2015 07:13 AM - edited on ‎03-29-2016 11:18 AM by Anonymous (463 Views)

Example Type




To demonstrate how to use embeded viewer.

To demonstrate how to use re-projection tool.



            imageViewReprojected.c         (C source code)

            resource.h                               (Resource header)(windows only)

            Eml.ico                                     (ERDAS Icon)(windows only)

imageViewReprojected.vcproj (Visual Stuido 2005 Project)

imageViewReprojected.dsp     (Visual Stuido 6 Project)

            readme.txt                               (Where to copy, how to run)







How to use





New View

Create a new instance of this program.

Load Image..

load a image to both left and right viewer, so actually both left and right viewer display the same image.

Note: If loaded image doesn’t have a projection, you can not do re-projection.

Fit Left Image

Fit left image to left embedded viewer

Fit Right Image

Fit Right image to Right embedded viewer


will link right image to left image, so if you move left image, right image will move as well.


set default zoom to right image.

Set Projection

Re-projection to Right Viewer. Now left viewer will have original projection, while right viewer will have modified projection.

you will notify the change by looking at the status bar.

The new projection will be stored in temp file, and it will be discarded when close.




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