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Locate Feature

by Technical Evangelist ‎09-22-2015 07:11 AM - edited ‎09-23-2015 12:43 AM (572 Views)


This command shows basic use of the event control for tracking mouse events and accessing located features near the mouse position.  It displays the key field name and value of the highlighted feature in the status bar.  When the command is started an array of recordset/keyfield names is created. This serves as a lookup table so that when a feature is highlighted its keyfield name can be quickly retrieved from the array and its name/value can be displayed in the status bar.  If there is a problem searching in the keyfield array then the first character or number field of the recordset associated with the highlighted feature is shown in the status bar.


Set Up Instructions:

Download and compile the source code. Register the command using .\bin\register.bat file. Open a GWS containing one or more legend entries and start the command. Hold the cursor over elements in the map view. The application status bar will display the name and value of the key field for that feature. Move the cursor over the mapview and the status bar will change.




Press ESC to end the command.


Download Links:

C# for GeoMedia 2015HGDN_GEOMEDIA / Cmd_LocateFeature_2015CS or git command git fetch && git checkout Cmd_LocateFeature_2015CS

VB.NET for GeoMedia 2015: HGDN_GEOMEDIA / Cmd_LocateFeature_2015VB or git command git fetch && git checkout Cmd_LocateFeature_2015VB


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