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Build, modify and run workflows on geospatial data using Spatial Modeler SDK. Build complex algorithms or run routine tasks, and build add-ons to ERDAS IMAGINE and GeoMedia.
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Plugin Framework

by Technical Evangelist on ‎09-30-2019 04:15 AM (66 Views)


The plugin framework sample is intended to make beginners familiar with MAE Client plugin programming.

The main concept of using MAE client plugins and the corresponding configuration is shown.  

Bitbucket Link


The main purpose of this sample is to show developers how to create plugins and how to configure plugin and action parameters. These plugins are part of the sample:

  • PluginTaskOnStartup
  • PluginTaskOnShutdown
  • ActionWithParameters

PluginTaskOnStartup and PluginTaskOnShutdown

are two simple plugins that quickly show that you can execute some code on startup or shutdown. 



shows how to configure an action using additional parameters. 

public class ActionWithParameters implements Plugin {

  @Action(parameters = {
      @Parameter(name = "BooleanParameter", type = ParameterType.BOOLEAN,
          description = "Description for BooleanParameter", value = "false"),
      @Parameter(name = "NumericParameter", type = ParameterType.NUMERIC,
          description = "Description for NumericParameter", value = "2")}, actionLocation = ActionLocation.PluginTab.class)
  public void showActionParameters(final DispatcherAction action) {


The action itself only opens a dialog showing the parameter configuration to the user.