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Raster format DLL rf_mdf

by Technical Evangelist on ‎09-10-2015 09:20 AM - edited on ‎03-29-2016 11:35 AM by Anonymous (888 Views)

Example Type

Raster Format DLL




This raster format DLL will add *.mdf(my data format) support to Imagine. Next time when you open Imagine Viewer, *.mdf will appear in the file open drop list.

And all APIs in eimg package will also automatically apply to *.mdf.





 (C source code)



 (Output definition file for DLL)





The RasterFormats DLL Class provides a uniform interface for raster imagery

access. Since it is designed to support arbitrary raster file formats, the class

supports read and write operations not only on the raster data of an image, but also

on the complete set of auxiliary information (e.g., georeferencing, geocoding,

image statistics, contrast, color and other attribute information) associated with the

raster data set.

*.mdf is BSQ image file containing 12 header bytes. 

The header bytes represent 3 values:

the number of image bands

the number of rows

the number of columns

And Imagine will automatically calculate the pixel depth (how many bits per pixel).

But there is not projection information with *.mdf.




For debug version:

rf_mdf.dll will be outputted into \usr\lib\ntx86debug\rasterformats

For release version:

rf_mdf.dll will be outputted into \usr\lib\ntx86\rasterformats





You must to reconfigure raster format dll in Image(Utility->Configure Raster Format DLL), then restart Imagine.


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