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Weather Plugin

by Community Manager on ‎01-21-2016 09:32 AM - edited on ‎10-09-2019 04:00 AM by Technical Evangelist (2,856 Views)


The weather plugin sample is intended to show how to connect to external services.

The plugin calls a restful web service to retrieve weather information of the current location and displays the result in a dock panel.

Bitbucket Link


The weather plugin sample contains one plugin to communicate with the World Weather Online restful web services. To successfully execute the sample please obtain a free license and add the key to the environment properties:



The plugin contains one action to display the forecast panel:


@Action(actionLocation = ActionLocation.PLUGINTAB)
	public void showWheaterForecast()
		// check if the weatherDock must be stopped
		captureInstance = GeometryCaptureFactory.getCaptureInstance(GeometryCaptureType.Point,
				new IGeometryCaptureListener() {
					public void captureFinished(GeometryCapture source) {}

					public void captureAborted(GeometryCapture source) {}

					public void addCapturePrimitive(GeometryCapture source,	GPrimitive... newPrimitives) 
						if (!Assertion.isValid(newPrimitives)) 
						Data weatherData = getWeatherInformation(newPrimitives[0].getBounds().getCenter());
		SmartClientShortAccess.getMapDockManager().addDock(getWeatherDock(), DockConstraint.TOP);

To get the location information, a GeometryCaptureInstance is started and as soon as the user captures a point on the map, this location is used to call the service. The result is shown as a dock panel on the right top of the map. 



on ‎06-06-2016 06:55 AM
Hi, when trying to open the Bitbucket Link I reciew an "Access denied" Error. Is this intended not beeing public?
by Community Manager
on ‎06-09-2016 01:22 AM

 Hi Benjamin,

while the articles are public, access to the source code of the samples is restricted. Please sign up for a HGDN Subscription to get access to these samples.