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Add external webservices to own Smart M.App

Hey developers,


I spent some days now with adding an example webservice like this one:

to my smart M.App but everything I tried failed. 

Is someone out there who can tell me how I can add it? I'm not the owner of the service so I have nothing more than this url and can't change any headers or whatever.

The result should be a layer with polygons.


I really need to add external webservices like this one!


Second question: What do I have to consider when I want to provide my own webservice with tomcat and geoserver for a smart


I'm happy about every helpful answer because my project depends on this!



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Re: Add external webservices to own Smart M.App

Hi Marisa,
thanks for your question.

Are you only refering to WMS as backdrop maps only or do you want to add Feature Services like WFS as well?


Regarding WFS, please have a look at the Documentation as well. Only WFS with CSV or JSON are supported at the moment.


If you describe some background to your workflow we can try to assist you further. 



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Re: Add external webservices to own Smart M.App

[ Edited ]

Hi Marisa,


The service should be HTTPS in order to get rid of warnings and possible display issues depending on a web browser. Your service can fortunately use HTTPS mode and it connects fine in Geospatial Portal.But still it's rejected in M.App Studio. Looking into the developer console, I can see this error message in the PUT request response: "Invalid URI: The URI is empty"


No more details on the error though. This will need a ticket and possibly a bug report.




Jan Neumann
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