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Registered: ‎05-30-2016

Charts and features click events

We have a specific case, where we would like to enable/disable layers depending on what data is displayed on map (via chart or feature clicking).


We cannot seem to find any related API for attaching events for when user clicks e.g. a chart. How do we go about attaching an event, so when a chart is clicked an event is fired (preferably also getting what was actually clicked in order to differentiate).


I have looked at the discussion "How to attach custom event handler to GeoJSON elements? but that just goes for the feature part of things. We would like to be able to hook on to other click events. Also we would of course prefer if this was available via API.




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Re: Charts and features click events

Hi Mikkel,


For chart events, please take a look into this thread:


It's driven only by the related JavaScript library and thus it's not directly documented.



Jan Neumann
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