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Accepted Solution

Deleting Saved/Published models in Spatial Workshop

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Dear all,
I can delete models that I can see in the Recipe page of Mapp Studio. But how can I delete saved or published models in the Spatial Workshop (under the operators list)?

Thank you

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Re: Deleting Saved/Published models in Spatial Workshop

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In Spatial Workshop the 'saved' recipe when selected should activate the 'Delete' (trash can) command in the tools at the top of the page.

'Delete' command is 4th command in from the right of the Recipe Name text box. when hovering mouse it will tooltip 'DELETE- Delete the recipe selected in the Saved list'.

Use this command to accomplish what you are after keeping in mind that not all saved recipes will you have control to delete (ie. shared with you recipes).



Technical Evangelist
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Re: Deleting Saved/Published models in Spatial Workshop

Dear Giuseppe,


You can delete saved models, published models you can unpublish. 


1. To unpublish model select it (LMB click) in a Published group. 


2016-10-03 12_52_52-Spatial Workshop.png


Then click on UNPUBLISH from tools in a top right corner.


2016-10-03 12_53_03-Spatial Workshop.png



2. To delete saved model, first of all you should select it (LMB click) in a Saved group.


2016-10-03 12_51_15-Spatial Workshop.png


Then using tools in top right corner, click on Delete button


2016-10-03 12_51_46-Spatial Workshop.png


Click Delete button to confirm the delete operation:



2016-10-03 12_51_59-Spatial Workshop.png 


Kind Regards,

Marina Vardovska


Post-Sales Engineer Remote Sensing

Hexagon Geospatial Division


Kind Regards,
Marina Vardovska
Hexagon Geospatial Support