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Registered: ‎10-21-2016

Drag & Drop Files To M.App Chest - From Smart M.App (Recipe Panel)

Hello everybody,
My goal is to implement drag&drop-functionality in the Smart M.App I am working on. A recipe uses input files (an .shp-file and an .img-file) to generate output, which is shown in a BI Map. The last part works fine. 
The technology already supports drag&drop of files. See this screenshot:
However, only after a user has uploaded a shapefile to the M.App Chest, he or she can select a file. For the users of my M.App I would like to get rid of the need to go to the Chest before being able to use the M.App. Since the M.App should be easy to use, the following would be useful: if a user drags&drops a file, the file is automatically uploaded to the Chest, and the file is selected. 
Here are some screenshots of a M.App (made by someone else) who does exactly what I mean. A file is 'dropped', and the file processing is immediately executed. The file is sent to the Chest, and 'selected' as input. 
Now my question is: 
Does anyone have any reference about uploading a file to the Chest when a file is 'dropped', or any similar experiences with Drag&Drop in a Smart M.App? And how to detect when a file is dropped in a recipe panel? 
Kind regards
Vincent Klerkx