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Registered: ‎03-04-2016

Error when using a directory as a recipe input

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Hey community,


I have a spatial model where one of the port input should be a directory.

I've created the directory in Chest and then selected it before executing the model.

I ran into an error saying the file with my directory id can't be found on the active directory. Which means directory is considered a file right?

Can that be the issue here?


How can I make this thing work?

Please, note that i need this to work this way because i'll have to use the recipe behind a workflow and not a recipe panel.

I know with the panel i can just use the same base directory when choosing output paths behind panel configuration or something like that.


Here are some screen caps and the log related to the issue.


In my model:



The chest directory (note the catalog id)

the folder.JPG


The recipe in the smart mapp

recipe parameter.JPG


And finally an abstract of the log (i've also attached the log file)


log abstract.JPG


Thanks in advance