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Features Database Output database connection string

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I am trying to send features through a model to a PostGIS database via the Features Database Output operator, but I do not know precisely how the OutputDatabase input string should look like. I tried the example provided in the Erdas IMAGINe help, which looks like this: 



"DataSourceMoniker": "<ds: DataSourceMoniker xmlns:ds='' version='1.0' type='SQL Server'><ConnectionString ForwardOnly='True'>Data Source=in-example;Initial Catalog=example;User ID=example;Password=example;</ConnectionString><Feature></Feature><FieldType>51</FieldType><Filter></Filter><CommandTimeout>120</CommandTimeout></ds: DataSourceMoniker>" 


I tried changing the values so the connection string would work with our postGis server, but sadly it claims that it's invalid. And even with the example it does the same.

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Re: Features Database Output database connection string

Hello Vlad, I have contacted a developer.  They should be able to help you with this soon.  Thank you.

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Re: Features Database Output database connection string



Is there a solution for this?

Can you please let us know? We need to write to PostGIS database too and we are working with the 16.1 latest fix.