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Registered: ‎05-16-2018

How to count Specific attributes and displaying it in NumberDisplay Widget in Area Analyzer

Good Day Community


I wanted to kindly enquire if any one can perhaps assist me.


I have a Column with different landuse attributes (Water Source,Residential Area and Farming), I am trying to create a dynamic display for the total number for each feaure type using a Number Display Widget. Currently i only get the overall total for all the features and not the total for each attribute. Any ideas welcome. PS the Analysis is for total number of features at a particular time.




Data Sample:


id Land UseDate
2Water Source02-Feb-19
3Residential Area03-Mar-19
4Residential Area04-Mar-19
5Residential Area05-Mar-19
6Residential Area05-Mar-19
7Residential Area05-Mar-19
8Residential Area05-Mar-19
9Water Source05-Mar-19
10Water Source05-Mar-19
11Water Source13-Jun-19



Kind regards,


Technical Evangelist
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Registered: ‎05-28-2019

Re: How to count Specific attributes and displaying it in NumberDisplay Widget in Area Analyzer

Hi Marlin,


Would a Row Chart with "Include Value in Label" option set work?


If not, you can use the API to hook the stage model's filtered event. You'll want to use HTML charts. On filter, use standard HTML5 calls to search for your custom DIV tags in your HTML charts and update the contents. In this is a route you want to take, I can provide an in depth example.


Hope this helps,