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Super Contributor
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Registered: ‎02-09-2016

M.App interface freezes while creating BI map

Hi all,


I try to create a BI map with a linear feature.The feature is loaded into M Chest from a geojson file and it has around 6000 instances. While creating the BI map with this feature, the interface keeps freezing most of the time and I have to clear the browser cache to get pass this. When I browse the app, I also notice that the app is getting slow over time; the feature only has 6000 instances and it looks like the map could not handle that. 

Note: I am using Chrome to create Smart M App. 


Appreciate all suggestions to improve the performance and resolve the freezing.


Kind regards,

Frequent Contributor
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Registered: ‎10-14-2015

Re: M.App interface freezes while creating BI map

Hey Bob,


I have loaded more than 6000 features in the Smart M.App wizard. This should work, however it might be that your GeoJSON is to big in size. There are to many attributes or the geometry is to complicated as in:

  • the amount of points in the polygons
  • the coordinates precision of the points in the polygon

There are different options to improve performance:

  1. Reduce the precision - In many cases the precision of the cooridinates are stored in nano meter / milli meter. This coordinate accuracy is in most cases not nessesarry.
  2. Simplify you geometry: You can simplify (reduce the amount of points in a polygon).
  3. Create a CSV file from all attrubitute columns - A unique interger "ID" column remains in the GeoJSON. This "ID" column should also be availevle in the CSV. All attributes are only in the CSV file.
  4. Remove attribute columns which are not needed in the Smart M.App.

Best Regards,






Super Contributor
Posts: 295
Registered: ‎02-09-2016

Re: M.App interface freezes while creating BI map

Thank you, Wim. It is very helpful.