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Technical Evangelist
Posts: 9
Registered: ‎02-17-2016

NEW: Support for uploading 5GB+ files in M.App Chest (and through the /uploads API)

A new version of M.App Chest has been deployed which now supports uploading individual files greater than 5GB in size. This support relies on a slightly different type of upload request, which is now described in the Foundation Upload API documentation. The gist is that you can now specify a presignRequired: false property in your upload request, which will cause the s3Properties object in the response to contain some different security credential properties. Those properties allow you to use the AWS SDK to perform the actual file uploads to S3, which provides a more standard way to interact with S3 and also supports chunked uploads out of the box to achieve the 5GB+ support. The details and a javascript code example are in the Upload API docs.