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Smart M.apps UI in custom code



I am wondering if it is possible to use the default UI widgets in our own custom code.

The idea is to have the same look and feel in my custom page as my process and BI panel for my smart M.Apps.


If yes, is there a library or equivalent i can use?

Is it too complicated to reuse the UI widgets in my custom code?


Thanks in advance



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Re: Smart M.apps UI in custom code

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Hi Elodie,


I’m afraid that we cannot provide our libraries as they’re actually an intellectual property. There were many opensource JS libraries used to tie this framework together.

  • The charts logic particurarly uses DC.js, D3 etc...
  • Something is also part of GVC which is our own library.
  • Those libraries are unfortunately not exposed for Custom panel.

The function usually loads those libraries to DOM model but it is supposed to work only under BI panel.




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