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Occasional Contributor
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Registered: ‎11-01-2020

Spatial Recipe Test resulted in “Registering outputs failed” Error

[ Edited ]

Dear Sir/Ma’am When I test my attached recipe (, I get an error reading:

{Component:Executing Resolution_Merge}, Registering outputs failed Job Id: e776e01d-2dbb-4ae1-9dc4-bcc9db11f9ab


I went through the error log, everything was OK until the line : FATAL [SWF Activity Generic 1] 2020-11-16 12:28:35,409 e776e01d-2dbb-4ae1-9dc4-bcc9db11f9ab 419b8a40-3518-4819-8e8f-fcf9b789d268 Registering outputs failed


I could not know what was the problem. I appreciate your help.

I downloaded and attached the error log (geoprocessingErrorLog.txt).


Also, is there a troubleshooting section of the Documentation Portal that lists the common errors and their possible causes and suggested solutions. I tried to search for the error string “Registering outputs failed” with quotes, but I could not get to a corresponding content. Thank you for your time