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Accepted Solution

Spatial recipes are not recognized in creation page

Hi team


I created a couple of spatial recipes in M.App studio, consumed them M.Apps, they worked fine until I wanted to have a play with the IMAGINE spatial model publishing feature.

I created a simple spatial model in IMAGINE, managed to publish it to M.App and it became discoverable in M.App right after the publish (which is cool). Then I manually removed the other recipes that I created previously just to keep the one that published from IMAGINE.Then I wanted to create a new M.App using this spatial recipe and I couln't see it in the spatial recipe list, all I could see was one of the spatial recipes that I had removed previously.

I tried to clear the browser cache, logged off and logged back in, didin't make any changes.


Any one has observed the same issue?




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Re: Spatial recipes are not recognized in creation page



When you save a recipe in the Spatial Modeler, it is not automatically visible in M.App Studio.


[1] After saving, click on your recipe in the Saved list (left panel), then click the Publish button (top right).




[2] You'll now see your recipe appear under the Published drop-down/accordian (again, left panel).



[3] And now you'll be able to see your recipe in M.App Studio.