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Registered: ‎04-19-2016

Very slow feature layer render in BI Map?

Hi there,


I am trying to creat a simple BI Map with a geometery feature layer, and a CSV file.


It takes forever for the file to render on the created map, and sometimes it doesn't render at all. It just flashes when changing the opacity.


The feature dataset is a shpfile and is approx 8mb.


Not quite sure what to do about this?



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Re: Very slow feature layer render in BI Map?

Hi Jens,


some issues with the rendering may be caused by:

  • Map's dimension to something that is not unique
  • (known bug) map's dimension set to something that is a String but can be parsed to Number ("111" etc)
  • Map's measure set to "Count"


Are there any JS errors in the console? How many geometries are there and how complex they are (number of vertices)?


Best regards

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Registered: ‎09-11-2015

Re: Very slow feature layer render in BI Map?

[ Edited ]

Hi Piotr,


Apologize for not answering to this thread sooner. I received that dataset from Jens and it was really bit slow. I generalized the geometries in GeoMedia and then the ShapeFile size shrinked from 8MB to 0.5MB.


Because Jens needed more detailed geometries for some of his BI Maps I suggested two ways to solve that:

  1. Use WFS to serve the geometries - not possible to set up in the current development cycle
  2. Use more ShapeFiles - one file for large scale map and then and several smaller files for small scales



Jan Neumann
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