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Frequent Contributor
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Registered: ‎07-17-2017

Add vector data to BI map legend

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HI everybody,


I'd like to display a geojson file in my bi map and add it to the gsp.legend. My layer becomes registered but is not displayed. When I click the invisible button next to the layer name in the layer panel the following error accures: Cannot read property 'painter' of undefined. 

Is this because it is still not possible to add vector data in another way than as choropleth widget?


This is the code:


var geojson;
var itemID='03553f4d-d8be-4cad-b20e-68f368fef0de_2c9180825efefde101621af6764a05af';
var itemName='testgeojson';

						path : 'api/v1/items/'+itemID+'/attachments/'+itemName+'.geojson.attachment',
						method : 'GET'
					}).then(function (response) { 
					}).catch(function(err) {
function addOutputToMap(){
						path : 'api/v1/items/'+itemID+'.json?profile=full',
						method : 'GET'
					}).then(function (response) { 
                            legendModel= {
                                            definitionName: "MAppPlatformGeoJson",
                                            url: geojson,
                                            name: "Layer1",
                                            id: "newLayer",
                                            bbox: response.entity.results[0].footprint.envelope.slice(0,4),
                                            bboxCrs: "EPSG:4326",
                                            supportedCrses: ["EPSG:4326"],
                                            style: {
                                                    display: "thematicLayer"
                             gsp.legend.add(legendModel, function() {
                                                console.log("Registered layer");
                                            }, onError);

function onError(e) {
    console.log("Something went wrong");


Frequent Contributor
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Registered: ‎10-16-2015

Re: Add vector data to BI map legend

I believe this would go wrong because 'url' doesn't contain a url, but the actual geojson data? 

I guess you'd have to use the path in util.connection instead.


I stubled upon this question because it's what I would like to do: add a layer giving some geojson data instead of a url. This doesn't seem possible?

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