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Registered: ‎07-18-2017

BI Map Adding several geometries - geometry keys - no matching field found

Hi everbody, 


I'm trying to create a bi map with one stage and two geometry layers interacting with each other. I followed the instructions from the documentation. The geometry files also contain attributes. One column is called SSID and exists in both files (the column to join) . But this column isn't the primary key. The primary key column is "id" for one file and "id_poy" for the other file (as in the documentation) when I select the first geometry file in the "Select Dataset" dialog the column "id"  is selected under "Geometry keys" when I select the second geometry file it says "No matching field found in data table".


When I rename the PK column of the second file matching the name of the pk column of the first file the error doesn't occure (so both are called "id" now) . But when I proceed and try to visualize the two geometries  in the "Define Visualization" dialog I can change the geometry in the "Geometry" dropdown but the values of "Default dimension" are still the ones of the first geometry. So I can't visualize the second one.

When I change the order in which I add the geometry files in the "Select Dataset" dialog the other geometry is the only one which can be visualized.


It makes sense to me that the column names need to match if one was the geometry and the other only a file with attributes. But in this case I think it's a bug because the column to "Join" the two geometries can't be the PK because several point geometries might be within one polygon geometry and the points within the polygon can't have the same PKs!


Could someone check this for me?






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