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Posts: 59
Registered: ‎04-19-2016

Select Attribute using Iterator generated String

Is it possible to automatically select a attribute from a feature dataset using a table of column names and an iterator?


It keeps on telling me that the "Invalid AttributeName specified". And I know that the input does match the column names?


Not quite sure the best way to automate the selection of all the attributes created in a dynamic table (which varies in row numbers) depending on the features processed before?



Posts: 14
Registered: ‎07-11-2016

Re: Select Attribute using Iterator generated String

Hi Jens


Could you post your model or a screenshot of the it, so that we understand what you are intending to do?





Frequent Contributor
Posts: 106
Registered: ‎06-03-2016

Re: Select Attribute using Iterator generated String

Hi Jens, 


The new FeatureInformation operator in 16.1 yields a list of field names and their types. 


Would your shapefile ahppen to have field names that begin with an underscore (_)? 




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