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Dice image and include BAND SELECTION to output

I'm a newbie to SM and having some trouble applying a simple task:

I want to dice a 4-band ECW into an uncompressed 3-band TIFF images (red, green and blue) with size limitations (1024 MB). Is there a tutorial depicting a similiar workflow that I can use? 

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Re: Dice image and include BAND SELECTION to output

Hi @erangr ,


Just use the spatial model identified in your other thread and add a Band Selection operator to limit the model to just the bands you want to use. E.g.



If you want to output TIFF format files you'll also need to drop into the Iterator and make sure you Cat a ".tif" extension onto the output filenaming convention.


There are lots of tutorials for Spatial Modeler here:


...and there are self-paced  training videos here (check the Courses listing at the top right of the page):

Ian Anderson
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Dice image and include BAND SELECTION to output

I found a little workaround for which I didn't need to work with the SM:

  1. Go to the Image Metadata
  2. Select undesired band
  3. go to Edit > Delete Current Layer. The band isn't deleted from the data itself but merely unregistered from ERDAS IMAGINE.

Delete Current Layer

3. go to Rater > Dice Image

4. Set the image as input.