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Intro to Spatial Modeler for GeoMedia users

Hi - We are about to run a 1/2 day introduction to Spatial Modeler for some of our GeoMedia users. Whilst we have some resources already, such as Basics of Spatial Modeler, I wondered if anyone has any materials they are able to share? The users are from water utilities, so primarily use vector data & some elevation data.




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Re: Intro to Spatial Modeler for GeoMedia users



I would like to share 3 my spatial models - possibly covering water utilities people needs.

The first two " Contours from LAS"  generates contours from classified LAS point cloud. The third one generates the 3D profile features from "flat" 2D ESRI shape file lines. Please , change coordinate system in models from UTM35 to your system . The UTM35 is hardcoded for the reason my coordinate system EPSG3059 is not supported yet for surface and point cloud  data operators in Spatial models.


I believe much more could be done now in Water/Wastewater areas with Geomedia 2018 desktop Update 2  adding new operators:

  • Join (Join Features operator)
  • Union (Union Features operator)
  • Aggregation (Summarize Related Features operator)
  • Buffer Zone (Create Buffer Zone and Create Buffer Ring operators)

Kind regards,





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Posts: 142
Registered: ‎02-17-2016

Re: Intro to Spatial Modeler for GeoMedia users

Thanks @Hal@ervins@shaun.falconerinternal for the materials shared here and via email.