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Operator: RGB Clustering

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I've had some success using the RGB Clustering tool through the ribbon Raster > Unsupervised > RGB Clustering as a simple form of segmentation. I'd like to incorporate this tool in a Spatial Model, but I'm not seeing any operator that matches. In addition, the RGB Clustering GUI window has no "View" button to pull up a sample model as other tools do.


Any guidance on the correct operator to use, or an existing RGB Clustering model would be greatly appreciated.




It looks like GUI tools such as RGB Clustering that do not have a corresponding graphical model file can be run using the Spatial Modeler Command Line operator. rgbc.exe is the correct executable. There is also an rgbclus.pmdl to help under the command line args.


Here are some guides and examples:


I'm working through this to try and build a working Command Line operator that can be used in other models. Any help here is still appreciated