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Regular Contributor
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Registered: ‎11-16-2015

Photogrammetric block creation in Spatial Modeler

Hi. Is there any way to create a block file in SM from stereo satellite data with RPCs? Or to create data that can be utilised in SAfI? Cheers, Johnnie

Technical Evangelist
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Registered: ‎10-21-2015

Re: Photogrammetric block creation in Spatial Modeler



No, we cannot create block files in Sapatial Modeler.


If you have NITF format satellite images you can load them into SAfI selecting RPC based Stereo Option. You will select left and right images and type a name for the block file (SAfI will generate a block file). But this will not work if the RPCxxx.txt dataset is used. This is because it reads the RPC Information embedded in the image file that you entered for left and right images; however, it does not read the RPC information from external files. This function also accepts img format images with RPC information embedded in the images. For example, if you have TIL format stereo images you can first import them to .img format using Import tool selecting Digital Globe TIL and then you can load them into SAfI using RPC based Stereo Option.


If you have IMAGINE Photogrammetry licenses, it is easier to first generate a block file selecting Rational Functions geometric model category and then import the block file into SAfI. Using IMAGINE Photogrammetry you can generate RPC model block files with external RPC files as well (e.g. TIF with rpc.txt)


Best regards,