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Restrict model to an AOI

OK, what am I missing here. I want to restrict processing and output to a defined AOI. Using AOI input and apply AOI before define processing area seems to work for the processing part, but not for the output area. Cheers, Johnnie


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Posts: 339
Registered: ‎11-16-2015

Re: Restrict model to an AOI

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I knew I'd seen something like that somewhere! That is pretty much what I want to do. However: 1)I liked the v15 overall parametres that allowed you to define a processing area for the whole model really easily - there's nothing that I can see like that in v16, and 2) the apply AOI function seems a little strange to me - shouldn't it ideally limit the output from that function to the bounding box of the polygons within the AOI rather than ouput a file size of the original dataset? 





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Re: Restrict model to an AOI

Hi Johnnie,


  1. Define Processing Area operator replaces the old, global Processing Properties
  2. Rightly or wrongly that's the way AOIs have always worked. This is because the AOI file has a boundary which is independent of the geometries it contains (and is usually based on the extent of the image over which you created the AOI file). So the (default) intersection of the two inputs (raster and AOI created over the raster) is the extent of the raster (usually). If you want to limit the spatial extent you need to use the Inquire Box, snapped to the AOI geometry. This is why it's now better to use the Features-based geometry capabilities in Spatial Modeler for this type of task. Features adjust their extent to that of the selected geometries.




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