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Soil Adjusted Vegetation Index


I made a model of Soil Adjusted Vegetation Index, but something is wrong. Can you help me, what is wrong? The default values ​​do not match when compared in QGIS same image.

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Re: Soil Adjusted Vegetation Index

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Hello @MaDóka ,


What do you mean by "default values do not match"? Do you mean that you calculate the same index in Spatial Modeler and in QGIS and get different results? If yes, you might want to compare the formulas you use here and used in QGIS to calculate this index and check if the output data format is the same.


Could you please provide more information on what exactly is different?


Additionally, do you read your input data as Float? double-click on Raster Input operator and change Read as to Float.







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Marina Vardovska
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Re: Soil Adjusted Vegetation Index

My bet would also be on needing to declare the input Raster as Float. Did Marina's suggestion solve the problem?


Ian Anderson
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