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Launch Spatial Model may not run a spatial model

by jdooley on ‎07-19-2017 09:40 AM (706 Views)


The Launch Spatial Model option may not run a spatial model.


The ERDAS IMAGINE session log will report:

ERROR: No empty ports in the given model

smguiprocess.exe exited with status 1.



The Launch Spatial Model option allows the user to run spatial models (.gmdx) from the ERDAS IMAGINE ribbon without using the Spatial Model Editor.


Toolbox tab > Spatial Model Editor menu > Launch Spatial Model







Requirements to run spatial models with Launch Spatial Model:


  • Models created with the legacy Model Maker (*.gmd) will not run.
  • All of the required model element inputs must be available for the model to run. Use Port Input operators in the model that query for input model elements (.img, .shp, .aoi, etc.) when launching the model.


Model with Port Input operators example: 



See also: Running spatial models with IMAGINE Essentials