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Clump with Colors

by Technical Evangelist on ‎09-29-2015 01:48 PM - edited on ‎02-21-2020 08:58 AM by Community Manager (1,145 Views)

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Description: Clump is a commonly used technique for converting thematic class values in a raster into uniquely numbered "polygons" representing contiguous groups of the original class values. Spatial Modeler provides an Operator specifically for this task. However the default output is simply sequentially numbered clumps which would display with a default greyscale color. Instead, this Model extracts the color scheme used by the original input Thematic image classes and assigns it to the output clumps (using the fact that the Clump operator stores an Original Value attribute with its output). The Model also provides a good example of how to use the Read operator and Raster Attribute Output operator.