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Pan Sharpening: Several Methods

by Technical Evangelist on ‎09-29-2015 01:38 PM - edited on ‎02-24-2020 04:41 AM by Community Manager (4,341 Views)

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This model sharpens a color (multispectral) image using a higher resolution black and white (panchromatic) image (a technique often called pan sharpening or resolution merging). The model assumes the color multispectral (MS) image is four bands and the band order is blue, green, red, NIR. The model uses a 4,3,2 to R,G,B band combination resulting in a visual that looks like false-color infrared photography. The panchromatic (black and white) image is assumed to be 1-band. The model offers 4 different pan sharpening methods. The output is always a 3-band image file which is intended to be displayed bands 1,2,3 to R,G,B.


Feel free to experiment with the Model to fuse different band combinations from the 4,3,2 combination provided.


        Above, left to right: input MS image (bands 4,3,2 to RGB), input pan, pan sharpened (bands 1,2,3 to RGB)

                                                  Below: pan_sharpening_several_methods-v15-1-1.gmdx



                                                               Below: HPM Method submodel



                                             Below: Low Pass Filer submodel (within HPM submodel)



                                                               Below: Brovey Method submodel


Input parameters:

Input Multispectral Image: (filename with path) of the input MS image. Model assumes that there are 4 bands and the band order is Blue, Green, Red, NIR. For the pan sharpened results, bands 4,3,2 will be assigned to R,G,B – creating an image that looks like color infrared.
Input Panchromatic Image: (filename with path) of the input panchromatic (black and white) which has higher resolution than the input MS image. Model assumes that there is only one band.
Output Pan Sharpened Image: (filename with path) of the output pan sharpened image. This is a 3-band image. The preferred viewing band order is bands 1/2/3 to Red/Green/Blue.
Enter method number: (integer)(default 1) Specifies the pan sharpening method:

      1. HPM (High Pass Modulation)
      2. Brovey
      3. Additive
      4. Multiplicative