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Thematic to RGB

by Technical Evangelist on ‎09-29-2015 01:31 PM - edited on ‎02-24-2020 05:07 AM by Community Manager (897 Views)

Description: Converts a Thematic image to a three band RGB representation. Resulting image should be displayed using the No Stretch option or stretch. Useful when, for example, compressing to a format which does not support Thematic imagery.



by Technical Evangelist
on ‎03-26-2020 05:30 AM

It's worthwhile pointing out that with ERDAS IMAGINE 2020 onwards the Read Color Table operator will also extract (or create) the Alpha / Opacity component associated with the colors. Consequently the Lookup will create a 4 band image since there are red, green, blue and opacity components).


If you don't want a four band output insert a Band Seelction operator and select just the first three bands prior to the Raster Output operation.