Spatial Modeler Tutorials

Spatial Modeler provides the user with hundreds of functions, algorithms and analytical routines that can easily be chained together into models that solve Geospatial problems. This page provides example Spatial Models built using the Spatial Model Editor (available in IMAGINE Professional, GeoMedia Professional and other Hexagon Geospatial products) which can be downloaded and used as is, or can be modified to suit your particular needs. Looking for an example of how to use a specific Operator? Type the Operator's name in the Search dialog for a list of the Spatial Models which contain that Operator.

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How to use the new Create Dice Boundaries operator to create a regular grid of area geometries over an image. This is useful for purposes such as Zonal Change Detection and Deep Learning feature extraction, especially to produce a grid where the polygons have overlap.



This model shows how to relate (join) an external table of values to an attribute in a thematic raster image in order to add attribute fields to the raster by utilizing the flexible power of Features operators.

Relate a Table of values to a Raster Attribute