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Occasional Contributor
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Registered: ‎01-23-2019

Creating CoordinateReferenceSystemID from EPSG

Hi all,

I am creating a spatial model doing some basic spatial operations. I would like to be able to reproject the output data to a specified CRS. This CRS is read automatically from a configuration file so it is a string (ex '32760'). 


I wanted to use the 'Define Processing Area' operator for projecting the output data in the correct CRS but I cannot see how I can do it automatically with the EPSG code (no user intervention).


Is there an easy way to translate directly an EPSG into ERDAS CRS ?





Posts: 133
Registered: ‎05-26-2016

Re: Creating CoordinateReferenceSystemID from EPSG

Yes I agree an EPSG code entry would be good, i need this yesterday to build a Spatial Model to move data between datums.



All i can suggest  is to setup the TargetCRS with Coordinate Transformation,  the 32760 and save the model it will save in properties.


If you then put a Input port into Target CRS port, it will be reflected in Run Input and my be change by users if required You can enter the EPSG

into form , Find and set.




Occasional Contributor
Posts: 6
Registered: ‎01-23-2019

Re: Creating CoordinateReferenceSystemID from EPSG

Yes that would be useful to have it in ERDAS, I finally decided to stick to gdal for this one.


Another idea would be to parse the epsg.plb file located in ERDAS installation directory to get the full ERDAS name of the CRS. It is quite heavy for such a simple task so I didn't give it a try.

Technical Evangelist
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Registered: ‎10-01-2015

Re: Creating CoordinateReferenceSystemID from EPSG

Please go ahead and log an enhancent request into the Ideas thread.




Ian Anderson
Chief Product Owner, Desktop Remote Sensing
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