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Registered: ‎03-26-2018
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How do I use Get NITF 2.x Operator?



I am trying out the new Get NITF 2.x Operator in Spatial Modeler in 2018.

However, I cannot fully understand the function of this operator.

My questions are as below,


  1. When  I  export a NITF file using Get NITF 2.x, the results(values in certain tags)  differ from when I simply use the Export function. What would be the reasons why they differ?
  2. What is exported through Extract NITF Shapefile?

If there are any documentation concerning this operator,

will be very much appreciated!!



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Re: How do I use Get NITF 2.x Operator?

Which tags values are differing when exporting a NITF file from the Export NITF dialog compared to your spatial model using the Get NITF 2.x Options operator? Can you attach your spatial model?


The Extract NITF Shapefile operator extracts the specified embedded shapefile if it is present in the NITF dataset. Documentation for both operators can be found using the links below.


Get NITF 2.x Options


Extract NITF Shapefile


Kind regards,


Stephen Bent

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