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Select columns from a combo box in a spatial model



I've made a spatial model which calculates a value based on the % of the area of a feature that's intersected by other feature. For example, if the target area covers 50% of the source area, then it has 50% of the source value.


If I hard-code the field that should be used as reference to do the calculation the model works without issues, but I want to let the user choose the field which will serve as data source.


Is it possible to enable a combo box listing all the fields from a feature class in GeoMedia Run Spatial Model interface?

The gmdx I've setup to calculate a population based on area intersection is attached to this post. ( I know it doesn't take into accoutn if the population distribution is uneven over the area, but it works for certain scenarios Smiley Happy )

Technical Evangelist
Technical Evangelist
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Re: Select columns from a combo box in a spatial model

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Bruno, it is not currently possible, as you have clearly begun to guess.  We know that this is a necessary area of improvement.  We have already invested time there, and plan to spend more, but achieving this is unexpectedly difficult for two reasons.  One is the current command architecture, and the other is that in Spatial Modeler, ports that receive attribute names are simply typed as String - there is no concept of an Attribute data type in SM.  This means that in GeoMedia, we too only know that the parameter is a string, and don't know what kind of user interface to present.  You'll note that even in the Spatial Model Editor user interface, with the Buffer Zones operator, the Distance port (which can take either an attribute name or a numeric distance) is only known as a String, and the UI that pops up if you double-click the port does not present a list of attributes even there.  When you double-click the operator itself and get a special operator-level UI, that dialog knows about all the ports, how they work together, and what role they play - but this level of user interface that is built-in to the SME environment is unavailable to us in RSM.  I can't offer much hope for a near-term solution, but I do think it would be worth logging an Idea on the ideation board to see if others also think it important.  - Hal

Posts: 43
Registered: ‎06-22-2016

Re: Select columns from a combo box in a spatial model

Thank you for the detailed answer, Hal.


I'll post this idea at the ideation forum.



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