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Registered: ‎08-10-2016

A Little Appreciation - Mobile MapWorks

I have tried out the dynamicEnumeration as well as the textAutoComplete feature on MMW and am impressed to say the least. I have been a culprit of hard-coding upto over 50 enumeration items in the config file and it was hectic!  What the MMW dev team is doing currently or has done already with the enumeration feature is awesome. What i like most is how it has been implemented. Am not sure whether this was the intended use but i have realised i can use the feature for some kind of Geofencing or restricting data collection to a specific region by applying a specific radius from which the enumeration items will come and then ensuring that field is marked as required. I feel good about being able to do that. Am just not sure if i'll be abusing this feature by using it that way.


Thanks to the team and hopefully we'll can also get a MMW GUI-based configuration tool within the year!




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Re: A Little Appreciation - Mobile MapWorks

Thank you for the words of appreciation. It’s encouraging to hear, from time to time, that someone is happy with the change introduced.


If it fits and solves the problem, just use it!


We will do what we can Smiley Happy