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Super Contributor
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Registered: ‎02-09-2016

AdminConsole throws exception when listing all instances


HI team,


Our client has Geospatial Portal 15.5, he also has Networks Portal 1.1 installed. Recently, in Admin Console, the portal throws exeption when we clicking on "Instance List" button.




I really have no ideas on where I should look?


Apreciate all suggestions and ideas. I also attach the log file here. Hope it could be helpful.


KInd regards,



Regular Contributor
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Re: AdminConsole throws exception when listing all instances

I might be wrong here but I think NetWorks 1.1 requires Geospatial Portal 2016 EP02.

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Re: AdminConsole throws exception when listing all instances

Although I know zip about Networks Portal and Geospatial Portal compatibility, I am under the impression that any discrepancy here is not the root cause of the issue at hand.


It looks as though there is some majorly borked with the IIS 6.0 compatibility metabase. Here's an IIS forum thread I found while googling the stack trace parts and HRESULT code: https://forums.iis.net/p/1179555/1987603.aspx


Does the IIS Management Console run at all on the machine? If installed, does the IIS 6.0 Management Console run? Are there any event viewer entries which seem to corellate with the Administration Console failure? Are there any specific/weird security policies in place which might prevent the user Administration Console runs under (default LOCAL SYSTEM) from accessing the IIS metabase? Are the IIS Web Sites named in some strange way?


These would be the questions I'd ask myself when diagnosing the problem.