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Accepted Solution

Cache Filler Service and LevelDefinition

Hi All,

I'm creating a WMTS with one of the input sources being WebLabel.  Unfortunately some of the labels I need are being dropped from the WMTS tile because they fall over the edge of the tile.  There is a commented out section in the CacheFillerWindowsService.config file that should cater for this by allowing tiles on a particular level to be created with a buffered tile and then cropping the result to the correct size - namely <LevelDefinitions>.  When I uncomment this section the Cache Filler Service refuses to start and gives the error "Unrecognized element 'LevelDefinition'".  Has anyone had success with this feature?


My products section looks like this:

     <Product name="CARD_Map_3857">
        <ProductDefinition epsg="EPSG:3857" >
           <LayerDefinition style="" layer="Relief" serviceAlias="CARDBaseSvc" />
           <LayerDefinition style="" layer="Background" serviceAlias="CARDBaseSvc" />
           <LayerDefinition style="" layer="Property" serviceAlias="CARDBaseSvc" />
           <LayerDefinition style="" layer="Roads" serviceAlias="CARDBaseSvc" />
           <LayerDefinition style="" layer="Locations" serviceAlias="CARDBaseSvc" />
            <LevelDefinition levelNumber="3" bufferSize="128"/>
            <LevelDefinition levelNumber="4" bufferSize="128"/>
            <LevelDefinition levelNumber="5" bufferSize="128"/>


Cheers Ross

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Re: Cache Filler Service and LevelDefinition



<Level levelNumber="0" bufferSize="128"/>
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Re: Cache Filler Service and LevelDefinition

As galkzaz has indicated there is discrepancy between the documentation online and in the web.config. The proper tag name is 'Level' and not 'LevelDefinition' as documented. The documentation is requested to update to reflect this discrepancy and should be implemented in short order.

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Re: Cache Filler Service and LevelDefinition

Won't LabelWeb generate the label in a different position for each tile, even with the overlap setup?

So when you crop each tile, the label will effectively be cut off at the boundary as the next tile over is not guaranteed to have a labelweb label ocurring at the same place? Won't occur all the time, but will likely occur for some.

Be interested to hear the result, if I'm wrong and it does always generate contiguous labels at the tile boundaries could be very useful.

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Re: Cache Filler Service and LevelDefinition

The feature I was labelling was a point feature.  LabelWeb gets rid of overlaps nicely and, it appears from my limited testing, in a consistent manner.  In my case the tile boundary cut through the middle of several labels that I needed and so increasing the tile generation area fixed my issue.  Might have to exeriment with linear features though.