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Cancel running query from client side



After submitting a query (analysis, spatial, or attribute) from the client side (Geospatial Portal), are there any settings or options to stop or time out this query within WebGIS? Can the client user or an administrator set a query timeout, so that any query taking too long will automatically be terminated?  I appreciate this can be done at the database level. Thanks, 

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Re: Cancel running query from client side

Hi Richard,


I'm not sure if it's possible to do on the DB level, moreover it could break the running application layer. You can try to set timeout for particular services in the binding section of web.config files. The most related to me seems to be the sendTimeout, which says how long the client will wait for a response from a web service.




Jan Neumann
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Re: Cancel running query from client side

If this relates to any back-end services that would be using the MapSvr/MapSvrMngr infrastructure, imposing a timeout on the WCF service layer, or on the IIS application pool layer has serious implications. The request processing will be terminated on the service layer, but the MapSvr that has been used to do the work will be not signalled of the need to cancel. If you had 8 MapSvr processes configured and then 8 long running requests came in which would be cancelled, then no further MapSvr request will be fulfilled until any of them has run its processing to the end.

That's why WebMap has the Execution Timeout setting available which brutally kills off any MapSvr that is busy for too long.

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Re: Cancel running query from client side

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What would be the best/correct way of shutting down an instance in each mapserver, perform some modification in .mdb and then start this instance back using automation script/program ?


Is it possible to perform this operation using MapSvrMngr ?


I currently trying to figure how to write code to graduate sites from one environement to another.


Thank you.