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Clarification on naming rules and GUIDs

I understand the current need to use GUIDs for connection names and intermittent hard to diagnose problems resulting if not correctly implemented.


I'm still trying to get my head around the whole subject.

In the 'old days' the golden rule was something like:


• Across all services, connection names to a warehouse should be the same, if the warehouse is the same.
• The names are case sensitive

• Across all services, connection names should be different, if the warehouses are different.



Two areas of clarifiction 

  • when is a warehouse considered to be the same?
  • what happens when user changes two connections to same warehouse so they become the same (GUID does not seem to update)?


I have made two connections to same SQL Server database GeospatialTest@NZSHAUN.

One connection uses sql user GeospatialService and other connection uses GeospatialService2

Even though they are connecting to the same database, the GUIDs generated are different. 


Does having two connections to same database using different sql user break the 'golden rule'?

Will it lead to hard to diagnose problems?

(I believe one impact will be performance as two seperate connections will need to be established which is one of the slower operations in the system).


We also observe connecting to same smartstore can result in different GUIDs - though I have not analysed that yet.

It would be useful to know what connection parameters need to be same / different before different GUIDs are generated.



Now, user goes 'oops' I used the wrong user to connect to SQL Server in one of my connections. 

Jumps in and updates connections so all connections use consistent SQL Server user GeospatialService.

In my test I still end up with two connections with different names pointing to the same database with same connection parameters.

(I tried using both syncronize legend and 'Publish the GeoWorkspace contents to the metadata' - GUID still remains different.)

I'm guessing the 'golden rule' is well and truly broken now which may lead to those nasty hard to diagnose problems? 

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Re: Clarification on naming rules and GUIDs

First, I understand that the two connection, one with the user GeospatialService  and the other GeospatialService2 are different, by example, one user can have defined some permissions in the SQL Server and the other different.


I have developed a small application that verify all the connections defined on Publisher Data Source and return some information.


It detected:

  • Same name - Different warehouses
  • Different Names - Same Warehouse
  • Closed Warehouses (I have found this sometimes)
  • No warehouses (Extrange but possible Smiley Sad)


Let me to kwon if you are interested on it. There is not any support but it can help you if you have many data sources.