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Clear Query with Button

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I`ve tried the SDK Fancy Tooltip example but, how do I remove the added query after adding it?


I`ve 2 Buttons with 2 different WFS Queries. 


 analysisId: queryResult.analysisId
 }, function (findAnalysisResult) {
 findAnalysisResult.analysis.getData(function (getDataResult) {

I can remove the pin itselve but the query still remain and I`m not able to add another "Fancy Tooltip" with button 2 to the map.


tried with $GP.queries.clear(); but this did not work. They disappear but the pins from query(button)2 are renderd on the same position as the "old" ones.

I`f i reload after each "press one of the 2 buttons" it works for each one.


kind regards


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Re: Clear Query with Button

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Hello Reinhard,


There is not a documented function like $GP.queries.clear(). Did you perhaps mean $GP.map.pin.clear()?


Anyway, the correct way of removing Queries (Analyses) is something like:

        analysisId: /* you must remember the last query ID */
}, function (findAnalysisResult) {
        findAnalysisResult.analysis.remove(); // alt. add callback here




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Re: Clear Query with Button

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I'm able to remove a query from the map and the legend.  Is there a way to remove its tab from the Data View?